Rescue Diver

PADI_ver_noURL_colSCUBA diving is an exciting sport, but like all adventure sports it has inherent risks that may result in injury or worse. Become a responsible diver and learn the techniques needed to prevent and recognize potential diving accidents. As a Rescue Diver you will be trained first to identify potentially dangerous situations and so prevent accidents from happening. You will also learn what to do in the event that a surface or underwater rescue becomes necessary.

Rescue Diver certification requires a current 1st aid and CPR certification.  If you do not have this already ask about our Emergency First Response classes.

This class is recommended for all divers! Everyone should be proficient in rescue diving techniques. Taking this class will boost your confidence and strengthen your ability to help yourself and others in the event of a diving emergency. This class is a prerequisite for all SCUBA leadership courses and is a must for all divers!

We believe every diver should be rescue-trained. Make yourself an ideal dive buddy by being responsible and knowledgeable of rescue techniques. Don’t put it off any longer, sign up for a Rescue Class today!

Course Prerequisites

  • Advanced Open water certification
  • Current first-aid and CPR certification *

*Ask about our Emergency First Response certification classes.


Class begin once a month, and consist of one class session, a pool session and concluding with the ocean checkout.


  • $50.00 certification fee
  • $150 Instructor Fee
  • Total $200
  • Rescue Crew Pack and rental gear not included

What’s Included

  1. 1 Classroom Sessions
  2. 1 Pool Session
  3. 1 Ocean Day
  4. Certification Card

Skills Learned

  • Recognize accidents before they occur for yourself, your dive buddy and your dive group
  • Summon help
  • Recognize and treat diving ailments
  • Perform common first aid for divers
  • Perform in-water rescues of a diver in trouble
  • Establish buoyancy and provide artificial respiration in and out of water
  • Transport a diver in trouble in the water
  • Remove an unconscious diver from the water to docks, boats and beaches
  • Negotiate waves, kelp and currents (yourself and when assisting a diver in trouble)


Call or come in to sign up now to reserve your space.


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