Nitrox Diver

Are you a diver who would like to spend more time underwater, reduce risk of decompression illness, and best of all, not be so tired after diving? Then this class is for you! All of this is possible with this enriched-air (Nitrox) diving class. You will learn the advantages of diving with Nitrox, its history and application. At the end of this course you will be a fully-certified Nitrox Diver.

Many recreational divers have received the training and dive all their dives with Nitrox. They enjoy the safer limits, the longer dives and definitely the feeling of being energized after a day of diving. Those long and tiring drives returning from a day of diving are over! Dive Nitrox today and everyday! Interested in rebreathers? This class is a prerequisite for the rebreather and other mixed gas classes.

Class Prerequisites

Any certified diver age 15+

Class Schedule

Class is scheduled at least once a month.

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What’s Included

  • 1 Classroom Session
  • Certification Card


$50.00 Instructor Fee

$25.00 Certification Fee
EAN (Nitrox) book

How to Sign Up

Call or come in to sign up now to reserve your space.


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