Divers Alert Network (DAN) Oxygen Provider

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Scuba lessons allow hands on O2 trainingEmergency oxygen is a recommended first-aid treatment for numerous diving injuries, especially decompression sickness, lung overexpansion injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, and any loss of consciousness. Learn how to select, assemble, and administer 100% oxygen by taking the Emergency Oxygen Provider course.

This course, along with first-aid and CPR, are required for scientific/research diving, and is recommended for all divers.

Class Topics

  • Uses of emergency oxygen
  • Diving injuries
  • Emergency oxygen equipment
  • Safety considerations
  • Maintaining oxygen equipment
  • Administering oxygen to breathing divers
  • Administering oxygen to non-breathing divers


  • $25 course tuition
  • $50 Instructor Fee

What’s Included

  • Certification fee and card
  • DAN e-learning (course material completed before class, must have a valid email address)


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