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Everything in Underwater Breathing Air

Aqua Safaris is a full-service airfill station. While most fill stations will provide you with good safe air, Aqua Safaris breathing air and Nitrox is provided at the highest possible purity with extremely low particle count and residual hydrocarbon. Your tank air will smell and taste great! Whatever your needs and whatever kind of tank you use, we can fill it:

  • High-pressure and low-pressure tanks, any size
  • Nitrox at any O2 percentage
  • Standard Yoke and DIN valves
  • Visual inspection and hydrostatic testing services
  • Complete parts and repair services

Standard fill rates:

Pressure Single Fill Price 10-Fill Card
SCUBA Air Fill $6.00 $55.00
SCBA up to 3500 PSI $6.00 $55.00
4000 PSI Fill $8.00 N/A
4500 PSI Fill $15.00 $135.00
Nitrox up to 40% $15.00 $135.00
41% to 100% Oxygen $0.65 per cubic foot

All cylinders must be within current hydrostatic and visual inspections in order to be filled here.

Standard rates for inspections:

Test/Inspection Price
Hydrostatic Test $45.00
Visual Inspection $20.00


-Hydrostatic Test includes visual inspection and fill

-Visual Inspection includes fill

Welcome To Aqua Safaris Scuba Center

Check out one of our classes, rent some of our equipment or go on a dive trip with us!
1- 831-479-4FUN (4386)
Store Hours:
10A.M. to 6P.M. 7 days/week