Equipment Repair & Maintenance

We service everything we sell plus most equipment made by other manufacturers as well. Your regulator should be serviced annually. Tanks must be visually inspected annually and hydrostatically tested every five years.

Doug McDonald is Aqua Safaris’ lead equipment technician. He was first certified in 1970 and became a NAUI Instructor in 1974 and a YMCA Instructor in 1975. He has diving experience in warm water from Australia to the Caribbean and in cold water in places such as Alaska, British Columbia, Ireland and California. Doug is a NAUI Instructor Trainer, a PSI-Certified Tank Inspector, A CPR/First Aid Instructor, and has logged over 2000 dives.

Doug has been working on regulators since 1976 and was the Diving Safety Officer at the University of California at Santa Cruz for 13 years. Doug undergoes periodic recertification from all of the major regulator manufacturers at multi-day Factor Repair Seminars.

Since retiring from UCSC, Doug has continued to rebuild regulators at Aqua Safaris. He is also factory-certified to perform oxygen-cleaning of regulators and to repair BCs, computers, spearguns and tanks.

Regulators Normal turn-around for regulator service is three weeks; slightly longer during the summer. If you need faster service, we may be able to accommodate you for a $25 rush fee. Typical annual service includes:

  • pre-test
  • complete disassembly
  • inspection of all parts
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • rinsing
  • blow drying with filtered air
  • reassembly
  • adjustment to factory specs
  • final test


Any single stage $25 + parts
First stage and primary second stage $50 + parts
First stage, primary second stage and octopus $75 + parts

Parts costs vary widely among manufacturers and among models. Typical service kits include high and low pressure valve seats and dynamic O-rings. Unusual damage (cracked housing, scratched sealing surface, torn diaphragm, weak spring, etc.) may require additional parts. We will contact you for approval before doing major unusual repairs.

Please ask for a quote for oxygen cleaning of your regulator.


Visual Inspection (every year) $20
Hydrostatic Testing (every five years) $45
Valve rebuild (recommended every five years) $35
Burst disk replacement (recommended every five years) $15
Tank tumbling $45
Oxygen cleaning $95

BCs and most other dive equipment items will be inspected for free, and we will make recommendations on repair options.

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